Gold Nuggets

As basic as this may sound, we also deal in gold nuggets, naturally occurring pieces of native nuggets and finer gold concentrated in placers by some watercourses near some our mining sites.

Gold Dore Bars

Gold Dore Bars are rough gold typically about 80 percent pure gold. After mining these bars, the bars are then sent to our refineries where they are processed to produce various sizes and purity of gold at minimum of 99.5% pure gold. We usually refine all the gold dore bars we mine in our own refineries although occasionally we may sell them to other refineries.

Gold Bars

Our gold bars, the gold standard of the gold world — refined metallic gold produced from mined Gold Dore Bars, come in various sizes, shapes, purity and labeling. Our bars are at least 99.5 percent pure gold.

Gold Dust

Most of our gold dust, both natural and the ones resulting from refining processes at our refinery are usually purchased by nationals but international buyers are equally welcome.