How To Apply For Cemac Permit

How to Apply for Cemac Permit


The Central Africa Economic Community (CEMAC) is an economic and monetary union that aims to promote the economic integration of its member countries. The CEMAC was established on June 18, 1983 in N’Djamena by six founding members: Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of Congo.

Who Needs a Cemac Permit?

The Cemacpermit is a temporary buyers permit issued by the Cameroon government,these permits are only valid for one year to five years, after which they must be renewed. A Cemac permit allows you to work or buy gold for a total of five years at most.

Who Needs a Cemac Permit?

The majority of companies like foreign investors will require them to apply for this permit as part of their paperwork. If your company doesn’t offer this service, make sure they’re aware that you’ll need one by sending them an email asking how they get their permits handled; otherwise, contact the POEA directly and ask if there’s any way around getting yours from them because your employer won’t help out with any paperwork like this (or if not required).

What is Cemac Permit?

Cemac Permit is a work permit issued by the Ministry . It’s required for any company that is ready to import precious metals, including expats who want to work in Cameroon. The Cemac permits are valid for one year to five years, starting from their date of issue and they can be renewed as long as there is no change in the contract personal circumstances.

What are the Requirements for the Application of a Cemac Permit?

The requirements for the application of an MTC permit are as follows:

  • You need to provide a copy of your foreign buyers passport.
  • You also need to provide a copy of the contract, fco and application forms signed
  • Company documents and send them back to the seller to bring to our office for physical inspections

The Cemac (Central African Economic Community) permit is required for any company that is hiring foreign workers.

The Cemac permit is required for any company that is ready to buy gold from cameroon. The Cemac (Central African Economic Community) permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and it is valid for three years. The Cemac permit allows a company to hire foreign employees, who must be nationals of countries that are part of CEAC.


Applying for the Cemac permit is a necessary procedure, but it is not particularly complicated. It can be done in any of the six countries, and once you have obtained it you will have the right to buy gold anywhere in Central America. If you are looking opportunity or just want to know how this works, please contact our consultants who will be happy to provide all necessary information about how we can help with your application process! visit Trust vendor


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