Where to Buy Gold

Where to Buy Gold Bars


Gold bars are a classic way to solidify your future, and because of this, many investors turn to the physical form as a means of protection. However, getting into the market can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin. Gold bars are a little more involved than ETFs or mutual funds. There’s no simple way’no ticker symbol or fund name’to buy them. You have to go through different steps in order to get them into your possession.

Where do I buy gold bars?’ is a question that many people have been asking lately. Getting involved in the game can be confusing at first, but as you learn more about it, it becomes easier and easier every day.

BullionVault is an online service that connects investors with professional market bullion at live prices from around the world via their website and mobile apps (iPhone and Android). Founded in 2008 by two London financiers with 30 years of experience between them (including working for JPMorgan Chase), BullionVault is now the largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 75,000 users globally. It’s easy to see why so many people decide to use their services when they’re trying to figure out how they want to get into the precious metals market.’


Gold bars are an affordable way for investors to add some gold to their portfolios. At about the price of one ounce, they’re a great way to diversify without spending a fortune on gold coins or bullion. Plus you can store gold in your own home—just remember that it’s a precious metal (at least when compared with paper currency), so be mindful of where you keep it and make sure it’s locked up when possible.

GoldMoney is one of several suppliers for these bars, but unlike many other options, GoldMoney is fully allocated and segregated. This means that all bars are shipped directly from the vault onto your doorstep, with GoldMoney making no stops along the way—there’s no third party handling them or taking a cut of your investment along the way. By purchasing through GoldMoney, you can buy at market value plus the cost of shipping and insurance; this avoids typical markups in other places where you might purchase gold bars like jewelry stores or banks.

With shipping and insurance included in the price listed at GoldMoney, there’s little room for surprises–you know exactly how much you’re paying even before receiving your order


If you’re looking for a good place to buy gold bars in bulk, consider Gold Direct. They are a small operation based in the Netherlands, with only one way to purchase their gold bars: bank transfer. This is probably for the best, because it makes them easier to deal with and ensures that your information is protected from prying eyes.

What this company does do well is sell gold bars in the most convenient form possible: the 1 oz variety. No need to break up anything; just send them a bank transfer and they’ll ship it out on their end.

If you’re looking for more options or if you would prefer to be able to use another method of payment besides transferring money online through your bank, try these other vendors instead:


Currently the most common way to buy gold bars is through a dealer like Kaloti Precious Metals. The company is based in Dubai, and its online offering has made it one of the top places for buyers to get their hands on gold bars. Anyone who wants to make sure they’re actually buying physical gold can check the company’s list of refineries, all of which are located in Switzerland, South Africa, or Singapore.

  • Smaller Gold Bars: Smaller gold bars are available from the company in denominations as small as 1 gram. Customers can purchase these smaller pieces at a premium over their value in gold alone because of the convenience their smaller size provides.
  • Larger Gold Bars: Larger pieces are also available from Kaloti Precious Metals. Customers can purchase 1 kilogram bars or larger at competitive prices that reflect a lower premium over spot price than smaller pieces will cost them. The larger size makes these larger items more convenient to store and ship than smaller ones would be, making them good choices for investors or customers who want to own a lot of physical gold with minimal effort on their part.
  • Gold ETFs: Another way that people invest in gold is by purchasing shares in funds dedicated to holding it directly. One option that Kaloti Precious Metals offers its customers is an investment vehicle called a “gold-backed ETF.” ETF stands for “exchange traded fund,” which means that this type of investment vehicle trades like a share on a stock market exchange rather than being bought and sold between two parties like other types of investments are (for example, through an online brokerage). Investors who use this method should pay close attention to how much liquidity there is in each fund they think about investing in; if too much money pours into a particular fund all at once, it could potentially destabilize it and prevent customers from withdrawing funds when needed.

Be careful where you buy gold bars.

When you’re trying to build up your emergency fund, it can be tempting to make a quick buck by purchasing gold bars. But in the haste of building your savings, don’t skimp on research and make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer.

  • Research the seller’s history. Before making any purchases, do some digging on the seller’s website or Google their name. If they have a solid reputation and are a known brand, chances are you’re in good hands.
  • Check for customer reviews. Online reviews from customers who have already purchased from a particular dealer are often very revealing – such as whether or not they effectively communicate with buyers during the shipping process and how well they resolve any potential problems that may arise during dealing with them.
  • Shop for reviews! Many sites will also let users anonymously review their experience with different sellers and products before handing over any cash – read these carefully before deciding where to buy gold bars online!
  • If you want to check out an online retailer without actually committing money or putting yourself at risk of fraud, try running some numbers through their calculators yourself first to see what you’d pay out at different purchase amounts (some smaller dealers may be willing to provide this information instead of just saying “it depends”).
  • Make sure they take security seriously! Make sure that when you buy gold bars online or over the phone (rather than face-to-face), that all financial transactions go through secure servers with verified certificates; ideally this should also include encryption software like SSL/TLS if sensitive information is given during checkout (if shopping on an ecommerce site). And if there’s even a hint of doubt about security, don’t do business with them!
  • Give them price quotes for insured and secure shipping options in addition to “regular” shipping costs; it never hurts having another level of protection between your shiny new investment and loss/theft by mail carrier/etc. just in case anything goes wrong anyway!


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