Which Country In Europe Is Best to Buy Gold

Switzerland has long been an excellent place to store gold, and Austria offers one of the world’s only anonymous storage facilities. Ensuring you don’t pay VAT when you don’t have to is as important as diversifying your affairs to legally avoid any kind of other tax.

When it comes to gold, people love to buy it, flaunt it, sell it, and in fact discuss it. So, wouldn’t you want to know about the places in the world where you can buy pure gold? We assume that your answer is yes. Therefore, for the affection towards gold and its shopping, take a look at these five places across the globe where you can purchase pure gold.

Zurich, Switzerland

As soon as we hear Switzerland, all that comes in our mind is delicious chocolates and designer watches. However, did you know that Switzerland is also one of the locations in Europe for buying and storing gold? The famous Swiss bank accounts contain scores of gold stored inside them. There are many Europeans and Indians who consider this tax-haven for purchasing gold.

Purchase gold coins, bars or jewelry after selecting from the most beautiful designs created by the craftsmen who pass on their skills to generations. The main downtown street, Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is also an amazing place for buying gold-encrusted accessories, watches, eyewear, etc that are a worthy addition to your collection of precious things. If you want to buy gold from us, we can travel with the gold to EU, US from African, good quality.

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