Gold Seller In Africa

The best companies to buy gold from are those that operate physical shops. Forget about the current craze regarding “online gold”. Although it is possible for an investor to buy gold online, the availability of a physical location operated by a seller offers one the opportunity of viewing the gold before buying it. Companies that sell gold online can be guanine, but the physical presence adds some grain of salt to their flavor. If possible, you can even grab a handful of gold after viewing it.

Gold Bars in Africa

We are a prominent Agency situated in Cape Town South Africa, and a brokerage for Gold bars in Africa,  Cheap Gold Nuggets, Raw Gold, and African Bush Gold, With Connections in ALL African Countries that Sell Gold, we have been in the precious mineral business for over 10 years serving many clients from all over the world. 

Dealers in precious minerals. for instance, gold bars, gold nuggets, gold dust and also offer logistical and consultation services to our clients..

Buying Gold Made Easy

Buy Gold Nuggets and gold bars from us because we are the leading sellers of the following mineral  98.9% purity 23 carats of Congo origin (DRC), Uganda, South Africa, and Southern Sudan, Cameroon,Central Africa at a good price.

So we have the capacity to source up to 600 kilograms and even More at a generally low price to meet the buyer resell value for his money, We Can Supply both Wholesale and Retail.


BONAS GOLD Exceptional gold mining and trading company located in the Bertoua, Eastern Region of Cameroon. If you are looking forward to invest in gold business in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, BONAS GOLD is is your perfect partner.