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Frankfurt has one of the best gold coin stores in Europe. It’s not just that the place is in central Frankfurt (ironically not that far from the ECB) or that walking into it reminds you of a scene from The World is Not Enough.It’s because the service there is some of the best we’ve seen in Europe.And while the European Union is now awash in information sharing, Germans and German-speaking countries, generally, are a bit more private than the rest of Europe about the gold-buying experience..In Germany, gold and precious metals are treated by many like real money, not barbarous relics as they are across the pond.However, Germany is not always the best place in Europe to buy gold and silver. 

How to Avoid VAT When Buying Silver in Europe

It’s not easy to get around paying VAT when buying silver in Europe.

The first option is buying silver in Norway. Gold and silver bars carry 25% VAT; coins are VAT exempt. While Norway is not a member of the European Union (adding to its appeal), it is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), which means Europeans have certain rights to move goods back and forth.

It is more complex than buying silver online from a Norwegian dealer and having it shipped to Germany. In most cases, such a transaction would be subject to tax on the receiving end.

And if you live in a more insolvent European nation, you might not want it shipped to you anyway.

Another option was to purchase it from Estonia, though the rules changed since we first published this article, and now Estonia levies 20% VAT on such sales. 

In short, VAT is hard to avoid.

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