Increase in Commercial Gold Mining Activity

The mining code for Cameroon has for many years encouraged artisanal and other forms of mining. To dig for gold commercially, one will require a class C or K mining licenses. With the increased occurrence of gold, many big firms are now getting into the sector.

According to the government, Cameroon has about 140 identified gold deposits. Most of these deposits are mined by artisanal miners, but with the recent expansion of the gold mining sector, this is about to change in the coming future. This is particularly because the government has commenced several studies and survey programs aimed at determining the potential of the country as a gold producer.

Since the year 2000, the gold mining sector in Cameroon has experienced tremendous growth. This is thanks to the increased efforts by the government to encourage large firms to invest in the gold sector. In 2011, the ministry of mines in conjunction with a number of mining companies and the small-scale miners common initiative groups started the ‘Operation Gold’ initiative to transform the existing informal mining into formal mines.


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