Best Place To Buy Gold In Europe

Where to buy gold? The best place to buy gold Online

Where to buy gold?

Having chosen to invest, one of the next questions facing investors is where to buy gold? Research is everything. Investing in bullion is a decision that you wouldn’t take lightly and should be backed by your own research. Much the same, when it comes to selecting your chosen gold bullion dealer, research is vital. When investing your hard-earned money it’s important to feel comfortable and choose a reliable and trustworthy dealer.

Here at BonasGold, we are often referred to and considered to be the best place to buy gold in the Cameroon,Europe and US – and we work hard to maintain this reputation, but we believe it is important people come to that conclusion themselves. We advise you consider the following when trying to find your best place to buy gold bullion:

This article discusses the best countries to buy gold, some tips regarding buying precious metals, and what kind of gold you should purchase or invest in.

Central banks worldwide are buying more gold, with China leading the way. China has been steadily increasing its gold reserves since 2015. Moreover, it isn’t the only country betting on gold, either.

People have also been buying gold for millennia as insurance against political and economic instability, hyperinflation, and other bizarre state regulations.

Whether you purchase investment-grade gold bullion, gold coins or even gold jewelry, precious metals, in any form, are excellent tools to diversify your investment portfolio and improve its risk/reward profile.

You’ll find many articles on our site regarding gold, silver, and other precious metals. However, if you plan on investing in gold, you need more than informative articles. You need expert help tailored to address the needs of your investment portfolio. That’s where we come in.

At BonasGold, we’ve helped many clients understand the gaps in their portfolios and how to fill them with asset classes that’ll award them the highest return on investment. If you want expert guidance regarding the best ways to invest, get in touch with us today.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Gold

Many new investors tend to incline toward investing in gold or other purchase metals because they think it’s easy. You just walk up to any bank or jeweler and get a bucket full of gold. Some even buy excessive amounts of “gold on paper” and think they own that much gold, but often, the reality speaks otherwise. So, here are some things to keep in mind before buying gold.

  • Buy Physical Gold: Owning gold on paper is never equal to owning physical gold – especially in a monetary crisis. Many banks have cash settlement clauses, meaning that the bank can pay you out in cash instead of physical metals in a financial crisis or war. If you want to invest in gold and put it aside as long-term insurance, ensure it’s physical and that you own it. Also, ensure you receive an itemized list of everything you own, including gold bars etc.
  • Buy Most Liquid Gold Coins or Bars: It’s better to buy pure gold in small quantities than buy partially-pure gold in large amounts. Invest in legal tender coins such as the Maple Leaf, the Austrian Philharmonic, or the Australian Nugget. You should also ensure they have a low fabrication fee (the fee the dealer pays to the mint to get the gold physically produced).
  • Consider Offshore Gold Storage: Can you trust the banks of your country with your gold in times of monetary crisis? Are you sure that they’ll even let you take it out? If you are even slightly concerned regarding these matters, investing in offshore gold storage destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc., makes sense. Not only will it diversify your portfolio, but it will also add a layer of protection to your assets. Note. We can supply you gold Origin From Africa, Contact us now and get your 23 carats gold bars, diamonds, gold coins etc. We have Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya gold, click here

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