Can you export gold from Congo

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How good are Congo gold bars and gold in general in the DRC Congo?

As mentioned before that we process and refine it on our own. We also know the importance of gold to our people so we never play them. We mostly produce 22 and 23 Carats plus gold.

This is very significant of us. We also produce a monthly gold capacity between 1kg to 500 kgs and more but at least not below 50kgs. So all you have to do is to be ready to do business and travel to Congo, Cameroon, Tanzania Uganda or South Africa to do business.

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Price: 45 000$ per kg

Purity:96.5 % pure

Carats: 23 carats pus

Commission To Brokers Or Mandate: 3000$ per kg

We make sure that we go to the government laboratories together to make you certain of the quality of gold that you are looking for. Therefore if you are ready to do business from wherever you are you can contact us through the contact form below or through Whats App directly Phone Number: +237-675-915-154.

How gold transaction are done in DRC CONGO for Congo Gold Bars?

It is easy to organize the purchase with us. We are aware that some companies here in Congo, Uganda and other countries in east Africa have been found illegal but we promise you that we are registered and legal company.

Some clients do not want to be exposed due to certain reasons we are aware of that and we promise not to expose you in manner. You are allowed to visit our website and contact us.

You can also buy gold secretly if you want to especially for people working in governments or those with a high level of recognition in their lives with status that they don’t want to be heard involved in this lucrative business

What Are Some Ways to Buy Gold?

You can buy gold in coins, bullion or bars, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and gold funds, as well as in the form of jewelry. Newly minted coins are easy to buy. Uncirculated gold coins are currently being minted by several countries, and their purity is guaranteed by the government mints that produce them. Bullion can be in bar form, round, or any other shape representing a tradable and practical size and form. Or you can buy gold stocks from individual mining companies. You can also invest in mutual funds that invest partially, or exclusively, in mining companies.

Where Can I Buy Gold?

Gold is also available from private dealers, jewelry stores, coin shops, private mints, and government mints. It’s best to buy from a reputable source to ensure that you are buying precisely what is represented. You also can purchase physical gold from online gold dealers like bonasgold. They sell high-quality physical gold and ship it to your home or store in a secured vault. bonasgold has identified online gold dealers that have proven track records, competitive and transparent prices, clearly defined buyback policies, and more.

If I Buy Gold, Do I Have to Store It?

To have physical possession of gold, you can buy gold coins, bullion or bars, and jewelry. If you do not want physical possession of it, there are ways to invest in gold without holding it. For example, you can buy vaulted gold or minted coins and receive an Electronic Tradeable Receipt (ETR) that proves your ownership. If you buy gold stocks and ETFs, you don’t store the metal because the issuers do.

The Bottom Line

Gold is available from private dealers, online dealers, jewelry stores, coin shops, private mints, vending machines, and government mints. It’s best to buy from a reputable source in order to ensure that you are buying precisely what is represented.

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