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Where To Buy Gold In Ghana. A Complete Guide For 2023-2024

Where to Buy Gold In Ghana

I am confident you are here because you want to know the most reliable places to buy gold in Ghana? I’ve got you covered. Gold is a precious metal that is mostly used in the manufacturing of expensive Jewellery.

Did you know there are fake gold dealers in Ghana? Gold is expensive; therefore, you must always ensure you’re dealing with the right dealer.

There are several persons posing as legit gold dealers but dupe their customers at the end of the day.

One of the most reliable and trusted places to buy Gold in Ghana is BonasGold.

I going to give you all the details and relevant information you need to know when buying gold in Ghana especially at BONASGOLD.

Throughout the world, gold is regarded as a “safe-haven” investment. Countries all around the world used to be on the “gold standard,” which meant that their currencies were backed by gold kept by the government’s central banks.

Gold is still considered a liquid asset, which means it may be easily exchanged to cash when needed.

Investors turn to gold in times of uncertainty because it is viewed as a safe investment that will not lose value.

The first step in ordering gold in Ghana, West Africa is to find a reputable gold dealer BONASGOLD

, who sells gold the best prices. Researching dealers like us bonasgold and looking for customer reviews can help in finding a reputable dealer with a good track record. It is essential to buy gold only from reputable dealers in precious metals and never via unknown internet sellers.

Once a reputable dealer has been found, the next step is to negotiate the price and quantity of gold. It is important to decide on the form of gold required, such as gold bars or gold coins. The cheapest way to buy gold online is by buying from small artisanal miners who are often willing to negotiate the prices.

After negotiating the price and quantity, the next step is to arrange for shipment and delivery. Buyers can now buy gold bars from Africa online. .


What is the export tax on gold from Ghana?

Exportation of gemstones and diamonds is charged 5% of the gross value of the consignment.
For gold, copper, silver, and platinum minerals the rate is 4%.
Gem is charged 1% of the gross value.

When buying gold from small scale miners, their use following tools:

  • the gold density scale
  • the XRF assaying machine
  • the induction heating machine

They can melt about 1,5 kilograms of gold within few minutes by using the induction melting oven. They have ventilation system and the exhaust fan that throws the smoke outside of the room.

Price they pay for gold

They pay 1% less the spot gold market price.

Understanding the price of gold they pay

They first need to melt and assay the gold. Gold alloy may have various purity. They will determine the purity of gold at the spot. For pure gold in the metal they will pay the gold price less 1% off. That is very good price for gold

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